"recording theatre, dance, and special events since 1984"

•High professional quality video, audio, and editing.
•DVD, Blu-rays and Digital Downloads are available to order online
or by direct mail at a low cost.
•Custom DVD package designs.
•Menu-Authoring including chapter markers for easy viewing.
•Video tape conversion to DVD.
•Fast shipping anywhere in the U.S.

Video Connections is a professional video company that specializes in recording theatre, dance and special events.  Our company started in 1984 and has been steadily growing ever since.  We pride ourselves in "going the extra mile" to make sure we get the best possible video and audio product.  Our cameras are state-of-the-art, digital, three-chip, high-definition broadcast JVC cameras.  We connect into the theatre sound system to deliver the best quality audio signal and run an additional stage mic to capture sound sources.   Customers can order either DVD copies; High Definition Blu-ray copies; or Digital downloads (2019 Shows Only) .  Additionally, we design, package, and ship orders via USPS.  Customers can place orders online at www.videocopynow.com or by direct mail.  We take pride in our quality and fast turn-around and are ready to assist with your video production needs.


Bring home the memories today!